The tandem which Steve rides

Old Glory

A special thanks to Michael Lassig and Swett & Crawford for this amazing gift.

In the summer of 2013 a group of people came together to create a unique gift for me. The gift was a total surprise setup to be presented and revealed to me at Village Cycle Sport near my home in Illinois. I was warned of some surprise, but truly had no idea the gift would be a brand new set of wheels. Okay, so it is not a brand new sports car, but a brand new road tandem bicycle.

The tandem has a symbolic custom paint job. Look a little closer and think a little deeper, and you might feel or see Strength, Resilience and Courage painted deep into the metal frame. Strength in the colors red, white and blue for our nations flag. Strength in the black and U.S. Army badges that surround and protect our nations colors. Resilience, which exists within our nations warriors and families who must overcome so much adversity during conflict. Courage and selflessness in our armies sergeants and all who stand for freedom. I feel all that and so much more when someone describes what the tandem bike’s paint job looks like.

Symbols on the bike include:

  • The Red, White, & Blue top tube, down tube, and bottom bracket represent Freedom.
  • The chain stays and seat tube at the rear, and the front forks on the front end are a tribute to the US ARMY.  They are colored black & gold containing the US ARMY logo.  They bracket the red/white/blue center of the bike to symbolize protection of freedom.
  • On the right side of the bike in front of the stoker’s seat position, is a tribute to Staff Sergeant Victor “Chiko” Cota mortally wounded in combat on May 13, 2008 symbolizing all of those warriors who paid the ultimate price for projecting our freedom.
  • The rear chain stays contain the names Manuel & Mireyaaime who are Victor Cota’s children symbolizing the sacrifice made by military families.
  • High Ground publicizes the documentary to inspire perspective, strength through adversity, hard work, and perseverance.

Visit The Swett Warriors website to read more about the tandem.