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Confidence & Independence

Confidence and independence through movement, adventuring and exploring… “Moving is Living” I seem to constantly remind and tell people that I am blind. Some of them remind me jokingly that, “we know Steve, we know you are blind”. My response is, “and this blindness I stare into is quite still”. The stagnant and motionless world […]

How to sail in the dark

My mind was boiling and churning up ideas about how to sail blind way before our trip began. Some of those ideas were how to understand distance, direction, speed, proximity to objects and maybe most importantly communication. “So how do you do this blind”? Well, my friend Urban who is familiar with blind sailing, 40,000 […]

Learning about the sail boat

Our first sailing excursion was great! Lonnie and I are completely blind, but that did not slow down our learning curve for the small vessel we were about to set sail on. Actually this approximately 18 foot 2016 Hobie Tandem Islander can be sailed, paddled or pedaled. Wow! You have some options with this boat. […]

Sailing Blind

Be radical in thought and design… During February and March Blind Endeavors Foundation and a few blind veterans are going to learn how to sail on open water. Our goal is to document and record this project with the hopes of better understanding how some blind veterans can sail independently. Who’s the best person to ask […]

Screen readers 

Screen readers are so amazing, They give me the ability to navigate a computer system completely independent from a sighted person. I often wonder what the future holds and where things will go with technology for the blind. When I lost my vision in May 2008, I knew almost nothing about the blind and visually […]

Strength – Resilience – Courage

Disclaimer: I am writing this for the first time and these are my own opinions and thoughts. I do not feel that I have any answers, but only life experience and challenges that have influenced my recovery from a traumatic injury. All that I ask from the reader is to have an open mind and […]

Yankee Jim Canyon

In July of 2014, a friend named Lonnie Bedwell invited me to The Out of Sight Team River Runner Clinic in Emigrant, Montana. The preplanned Team River Runner trip was a wild adrenaline pumping adventure on a few of The Yellowstone Rivers white water rapids. Lonnie Bedwell, a fellow veteran who lost his vision in […]

Blind Kayaking

Steve Baskis shares a some of his thoughts while kayaking on the West Yellowstone River. The trip was part of the “OuttaSight Clinic” sponsored by Team River Runner and consisted of five visually impaired veterans. [x_video_embed type=”16:9″][/x_video_embed]

Bastille Crack

In life we all face challenges. I consider my loss of sight a challenge, but trying to earn a degree, find a job or purchase a home are all challenges as well. So why do some people seek out physical challenges, like climbing a rock tower in the middle of the wilderness? For me it […]