Screen readers 

Screen readers are so amazing, They give me the ability to navigate a computer system completely independent from a sighted person. I often wonder what the future holds and where things will go with technology for the blind. When I lost my vision in May 2008, I knew almost nothing about the blind and visually impaired community. Now almost 8 years later, I have become more independent and well versed in accessible technology, and it is because of this technology I am able to live a more fulfilling and independent life.

Briefly, I wish to speak and showcase a specific screen reader that I use quite often. The name of the screen reader is voiceover and it was designed by Apple. In today’s Technology and software market, You will find many screen readers that assist the blind and visually impaired. The sound bite you can click on below, showcases specifically apples voiceover screen reading technology.

Click on the following link to hear how I navigate using Apple’s voiceover screen reader:

– click here to see how Apple voiceover screen reading technology helps a blind user navigate the iPhone 6S.

The link above, which showcase Apple’s voice over screen reading technology, is only one example of how powerful and useful the software can be for the blind and visually impaired.