Volunteer Positions

Help Blind Endeavors Foundation raise awareness through adventure & exploration right here in the Bloomington/Normal area!

We are looking for volunteers to help with random tasks, photography, videography, sound production and more!  If you have some spare time on your hands and want to help inspire the world to enjoy life more, please check out some of our potential volunteer positions.

  • All volunteers should be trustworthy as well as open to working with people that have various disabilities and/or military veterans.

Perks of Volunteering with us: 

  • Knowing that you’re making the world a better place…
  • Option to have your volunteer work logged and evaluated for future job referrals…
  • Possibility to travel beyond Central Illinois…
  • Chill place to volunteer…
  • Free Coffee!!!

Administrative Assistant

Number of Positions: 1-2

Description: With every office comes the standard office work.  The Blind Endeavors Foundation Headquarters is seeking a volunteer administrative assistant to help with some of the day to day operations that occur within the office. No experience is required, but being friendly and a good organizer are helpful.

Duties: Helps with general administrative duties to include filing, responding to emails, accepting phone calls, and mail handling.

Additional Requirements: None.  Familiarity with Apple products helpful but not required.

Approximate Hours Per Week: 1-20


Number of Positions: 1-2

Description: This position is for someone that loves crunching numbers.  We have a CPA, all we need is for someone that can enter information into quickbooks once or twice a week.  A specialization in non-profit accounting is preferred but not required.

Duties: Enter transactions into Quickbooks, file receipts and communicate with accountant as required.

Additional Requirements: Knowledgeable with basic accounting and Quickbooks.

Approximate Hours Per Week: 1-4

Outreach Coordinator

Number of Positions: 1-2

Description: The OC should have good communication skills to help recruit volunteers, touch base with other volunteers and assist with fundraising efforts.  Keeping in close communication with the CEO/COO, the OC will also help plan events for the foundation.  Being one of the core volunteer positions, this can be a very intense but very rewarding.

Duties: Communicates with the local community to assist with organizing events, fundraising and volunteer recruiting.

Additional Requirements: None

Approximate Hours Per Week: 5-20


Number of Positions: 2-6

Description: One of the keys to raise awareness is to be able to show the world what we can do.  A great photographer/videographer should be able to tell a story through their photos/videos and engage the viewer.  We are looking to film/photograph various events and do product reviews.  Travel may be available and if you enjoy the outdoors, even better.  You don’t need any gear, but if you have some great.  This is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills while helping out others.

Duties: Assist with capturing photos and video of events to include speaking engagements, fundraising, sporting events.

Additional Requirements: Adobe Lightroom and photoshop experience recommended but not required.  Both Premiere and Final Cut are available for use.

  • Gear will be supplied but volunteers are welcome to use their own gear.

**Travel opportunities may exist.

Approximate Hours Per Week: Varies depending on projects.

Sound Technician

Number of Positions: 1-3

Description:  Sound is a key sense that is used by the visually impaired.  We are looking for someone that can help create outstanding music/sound effects for various video and audio projects.  There is also the potential to assist with podcast and audiobook creation.  Works closely with Videographers.

Duties: Create sound effects and music for video and audio projects.  Edit podcasts and audiobooks.

Additional Requirements:  Experience with Logic Pro X, Garage Band or Adobe Audition is preferred.

Approximate Hours Per Week: Varies depending on projects

Graphic Designer

Number of Positions: 1-3

Description: Stunning graphics are a major part of marketing for any organization.  The Graphic Designer volunteer(s) assist with creating pamphlets, business cards, logos, graphics for videos and more.


Additional Requirements: Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite

Approximate Hours Per Week: Varies depending on projects.

Social Media Coordinator

Number of Positions: 1-2

Description: In todays world of social networks, we need someone that can make regular useful posts to Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc., etc. The SMC works with everyone to find out what can make for an interesting post for the day to keep the world intrigued by what we’re doing.

Duties:  Post daily to social networking sites.

Additional Requirements: None
Approximate Hours Per Week: 2-5