Research & Development

Be Radical in Thought and Design!

R&D plays an important roll in blazing a trail to making athletics and recreation accessible to everyone.  Adaptive athletics and recreation often requires individuals with disabilities to create a piece of equipment, or modifying something they already have, to do what they enjoy.  It may also require developing a “not so standard” technique.

Some of our future objectives include:

  • Development of training theories on conventional athletics and adaptive athletics.
  • Examination of adaptive athletic communication systems & techniques and what works best for the athlete.
  • The invention of new technology to support the adaptive athletic community.

Our R&D is Currently in a research phase, gathering information from individuals to find out what more can be done for the disabled community.


If you would like to be a part of future projects, you can help by volunteering with us.  If you have a few free minutes, take our survey and share it with friends.  The information will be used to help us focus on what projects to work on first.


If you’re looking for adaptive equipment, here are just a few great resources that we have found:

Creating Ability: Specializes in kayaking equipment from basic hand/leg adaptations to fully outfitted kayaks.


Eco-Aims Rifles: These infrared rifles are used by blind athletes for biathlon.
A custom handle attached to a paddle to allow a kayaker with limited use of their hands to be able to grip the paddle. Designed by Creating ability

A custom handle developed by Creating Ability is attached to a paddle and allows a kayaker with limited use of their hands to be able to grip the paddle.