Ranger Endeavor

* We are finalizing details regarding this program.
Last updated: Oct 1, 2017

Special Notes for Participants and Volunteers:
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Program Dates:

Late April, 2018*

Application Deadline:

February 1, 2018

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U.S. Army Rangers “Lead The Way”
Camp Frank D. Merrill Dahlonega, Georgia

Nestled in the back woods and mountains of what is known as “The Peach State”, is a small training camp with a big reputation. Camp Merrill is home of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion and the Mountain Phase of the US Army Ranger School. Although you might think Georgia is a sweet state, it is also known for producing a harsher and less agreeable flavor of men, those being highly trained soldiers who aim to represent the nation with fierce determination.

The same proud soldiers are representing and giving back to another breed of man, those of which you could say have a different vision and perspective. Blind veterans are being brought in by the Blind Endeavors Foundation to explore what it means to trek & climb over irregular terrain. Driving hard and fast past what most would consider a debilitating injury, these few injured veterans seek to climb higher and beyond the status quo.
The week at the camp includes movement over irregular terrain, exercises on rock formations and training obstacles, all of which are usually built to train able body ranger hopefuls. The same exercises will challenge and test the hearts and minds of the participating blind veterans.

Blind Endeavors Foundation wants to Endeavor to Connect!

The founder of Blind Endeavors Foundation, Steve Baskis, believes it is programs like these which give the veterans a way to establish a new normal, maybe one that surpasses personal standards and encourages self growth even after war and debilitating injuries. During the week all participants socialize and participate in physical activity that promotes adventurous lifestyles.