We ask that all board members, staff and volunteer understand why we are here and what our purpose is.  You don’t have to memorize it word for word, but at least be able to explain it should someone ask.



We want to challenge and inspire people of all abilities to explore new ways of living through movement. Our goal is to promote awareness & education in schools and institutions across America, conduct research & development related to adaptive athletics and build unique unconventional athletic programs & teams to pursue bold endeavors around the world.

Vision Statement / Founders Message:

* This is why the foundation came about and the vision of the now and future of the organization.

Our “Legal” Mission Statement on the Articles of Incorporation.

* When it comes to our day to day operations, our activities should follow within this statement.

To conduct blind community social, adaptive sports, benevolent and charitable activities and to assist blind persons achieve their highest potential in community endeavors, adaptive sports, adventure and exploration.  To spread awareness, inspiring others and refining adaptive sports systems and techniques for adaptive athletes everywhere.  To advance the opportunities afforded to blind adaptive athletes and to develop and forge physical and mental strength, resilience and courage while pursuing adaptive sport experiences, training and competitions from cycling, skiing, climbing, paddling and all manner of sports endeavors.