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Blind Endeavors Foundation

Blind Endeavors Foundation is located in downtown Bloomington, IL.  On the first friday of every month there is an event called “F1rst Fr1days” in which local art galleries and businesses open their doors to the public from 5-8pm.  There are also local farmers markets every Saturday throughout the summer.  Our office is located on the same block as both of these events.

What we aim to do is have an “open house” during these events to touch base with the local community.  There is a lot of wall space and we would like to display different works of art that represent adventure, exploration and adaptive sports.  So if you’re an artist that would like your work to be displayed and possibly even sold, keep on reading…

The primary goal of displaying the artwork is to inspire people to get out to enjoy the great outdoors and to embark on their own “Blind Endeavor”.  We would also like to support the artists that support adaptive athletics by displaying their works and maybe even get them a little cash to help pay for their equipment.  Funds raised by selling artwork go towards supporting the Blind Endeavors Foundation mission to raise awareness through adventure & exploration.

Here are the options we currently offer:

– Donate your artwork.  The piece will be auctioned and all proceeds go directly to the Blind Endeavors Foundation.

– Let us sell your artwork.  60% goes to the artist and 40% fee which goes directly to the foundation.

– Loan us your artwork.  We will display it and give it back when you want it back.  Any inquires will be directed directly to you.

For any kind of submission, we do ask that you send a photo, size and weight of your work prior to sending it to us.  Any photos/paintings should be framed up as you wish them to be displayed.  Prints may be sent but will not be framed by us or displayed on the walls…There will be a rack for people to purchase these prints.  We can also create up to 13”x19” prints in house, but there is a small fee for this unless your willing to give rights for us to sell them.  Also include a good detailed description of the photo if you could…for those that are visually impaired know what the picture is about.

* As of right now, we do not insure artwork that is displayed, so if you have a high priced piece, we will not be responsible for loss due to theft, fire, accidental damage, etc.  Please keep this in mind so you don’t send us a piece that you think is worth $10,000.

** Submissions for the August 7th First Fr1day must be received no later than August 3rd.

More details to come.  If you have questions, please contact Victor at

Information about the F1rst Fr1day event can be found at:

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Blind Endeavors Foundation
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