In mid-February Blind Endeavors Foundation presented to multiple schools in the Gainesville, Georgia area. During our visit the Blind Endeavor’s team shared stories of inspiration and brought in various sports equipment for the students to check out. One of the favorite pieces of equipment we display is the Finnish designed ECOAIMS audio rifle.

Many people understand the basic fundamentals of marksmanship but they do not usually have the opportunity to shoot a rifle designed for the blind. The rifle, might be considered a more expensive video game since no actual round is fired from the simulated rifle, but offers someone who is blind/visually impaired the ability to compete at high levels.

Sharing stories of adventure and exploration, combining immersive experiences with equipment used by adaptive athletes, gives students of all abilities something to think about. We hope to encourage more kids to see blindness from a different perspective.

Programs like the 50 Schools / 50 States Campaign are supported by our wonderful contributors.  If you would like to help out with our mission, you can do so by sharing our message with friends and family, recommending us to your local school or by making a tax deductible donation.

A special thanks to those that made this visit happen…

Joe & Jane

Murrayville Veterinary Clinic

And of course all of the schools, teachers, students and volunteers!

Article by Elachee Nature Science Center:

Schools Visited

Gainesville Middle School

Students Reached: 76

University of North Georgia, Gainesville Campus

Students Reached: 13

Elachee Nature Science Center

Students Reached: 21

First Presbyterian Gainesville

Students Reached: 12

“Students Reached” includes those students that were physically at the event/presentation.

Photography Note:  All images are subject to copyright and property of Blind Endeavors Foundation, please do not distribute without permission.  For the respect of privacy of students, we limit public postings of photos unless permission is given by both the student and their parent(s) or guardian(s).