Past, present and future Endeavors!  This is what we’ve done, what we’re doing and what we’re planning.  What’s your Endeavor?

Current Endeavors

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Updated 10/2/2017

Future Endeavors

Check out what we have coming up that you can get involved with…

Past Endeavors

Some stories of what we’ve done…

Steve Baskis geared up in his kayak to tackle Yankee Jim Canyon

Yankee Jim Canyon

In July of 2014, a friend named Lonnie Bedwell invited me to…
The tandem which Steve rides

Bikes & Audio Rifles

Steve Baskis, Lonnie Bedwell and Kyle Thomas test out Steve's…
The tandem which Steve rides

Blind Kayaking

Steve Baskis shares a some of his thoughts while kayaking on…
The Bastille Crack stretches into the cloud filled sky like a pinnacle

Bastille Crack

In life we all face challenges. I consider my loss of sight a…
The tandem which Steve rides

Face of America

Face of America In April of 2014, my tandem pilot Victor Henderson…
The tandem which Steve rides

Old Glory

A special thanks to Michael Lassig and Swett & Crawford for…