Endeavor 101-V

Sleep under the stars listening to the elk bugle.  Explore the mountains. Discover what it takes to set up a basecamp from starting a campfire to cooking your own meal.
These are just a few experiences we are looking to offer with an upcoming pilot program called “Endeavor 101” which will introduce visually impaired individuals to the outdoors.
September 8-12th
Participant Requirements:
– This camp in will be veteran specific, applicant must be a veteran and legally visually impaired.
Proof of service and visual impairment will be required (DD-214, VA ID or Military ID, and a doctors diagnosis)
Any era veteran may apply.
– Must apply by August 31st, 2017
– Must be comfortable with activities that may require physical exertion and willing to learn new skills relating to outdoor activities.
Program Summary:
Endeavor 101-V is a unique and specially designed veteran program aimed to empower and invigorate. We want to introduce disabled veterans to outdoor activities in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Our goal is to organize programs like Endeavor 101-V in conjunction with key U.S. historical events, allowing for remembrance and understanding of tragic experiences. The camp is built around a small team of up to four veteran, visually impaired participants who will be accompanied by guides
Our guides and mentors come from many walks of life, they may be veterans themselves or individuals who love to volunteer and give back to their respective communities. Ultimately, we want to provide choice for the selected veteran participants and during the application process we will build a custom program that will provide them a challenge and way to explore new outdoor activities. 
These are some of the activities that may occur dependent on weather and availability:
– Camping
– Hiking
– Fishing
– Hunting
– Off-Roading
– Climbing
– Paddling & water sports
– Skiing
– Cycling
With this being a pilot program, Blind Endeavors Foundation will cover all costs for program participants to include transportation, meals and activity fees during the program.
Volunteers will have meals and activities covered.  Transportation for volunteers must be pre-approved by the program committee.
We partner & collaborate with other local businesses and non-profit organizations to execute some of the above activities. Safety is always on our mind and we exercise our best judgement for the pursuit of adventure & exploration. We always want participants and volunteers to be responsible and aware of the risks in participating in adventurous activities. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at: programs@blindendeavors.org 
We are always seeking new participants, those who have not ventured into the great wilderness and unknown. One way for you to help our mission is to spread the word and share our program and application to all who may be interested. The application is for volunteers, professionals and veteran participants alike. If you have certificates such as CPR, Wilderness first aid, experience working with the disabled, we welcome your application submission.
“When was the last time you tried something for the first time”