The 50 Schools / 50 States Campaign is a unique, immersive experience that is taken on the road to schools and institutions across America, informing and making more people aware of what adaptive athletics is all about. By sharing stories of adventure and exploration, we hope to inspire students and the public to approach their studies and work from a different perspective. We’re looking to raise more awareness about the adaptive world and how students can play a role on making future systems and technology more accessible for the disabled.


The schools we visit include:

  • Schools for the Visually Impaired
  • Schools for the Hearing Impaired
  • Grade Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Presentations are given by an individual(s) that has overcome adversity.  After the initial introduction, students are engaged with an in depth discussion regarding current and future designs of accessible and adaptive technologies.  Adaptive equipment and accessible devices are brought into the classroom to give a hands on experience to students.  Students are asked questions such as “How can accessible technology be improved?” and they are also encouraged to ask questions.  After the discussion, students are provided with resources related to accessible and adaptive technology designs so they can stay involved beyond the classroom.

This program is designed to be immersive, informational, and inspirational. We would love to work with teachers, staff and students to make this one of the most unique experiences of your school year. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us. If you’re ready to have us visit, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I arrange a visit to my school?

A: The team at Blind Endeavors has a list of select schools we would like to visit, however this does not mean we won’t come to your school.  The goal is a “minimum” of 50 schools, but the more we can spread awareness, the better.  If you would like your school to be part of this campaign, please fill out the proposal below or contact us for further details.

Q: How much and what kind of gear do you bring?

A: That really depends on how much time and space we have as well as the goals for the school visit.  We can bring only a phone to share the accessibility feature to bringing everything from prosthetics, kayaks, tandems, sit-skis, and so much more…We’ll verify what we can bring into the school prior to the visit.

Q: Who will be giving the presentation?

A: We have a list of amazing adaptive athletes that have overcome adversity that would love to speak.  It may just be one person, or it may be multiple, it just depends on their availability and schedule.

Q: Is there a fee?

A: The program is funded through the Blind Endeavors Foundation and designed to be free to the school. If the school, teachers, parents or the community would like to make a donation to the Blind Endeavors Foundation, it will cover fuel, lodging and equipment costs that will help us keep this mission going.

Q: What do you talk about?

A: The focus of the program is adapted to each individual school.  Overall we share the stories of individuals with disabilities and how they are able to participate in a variety of activities to make life more enjoyable for themselves and others.

Q:How is this program different from other presentations?

A: We do more than just get in front of the students and talk.  We’ll bring in the sports gear and adaptive equipment that students actually get to touch and use so it becomes a hands on experience.

Q: What will the students gain from the program?

A: Everyone gains something different from the program.  It may inspire a blind child’s dream, realizing what they are capable of doing and one day turn that dream into reality.  It could drive an engineering student to develop a device that could help the disabled community.  A teacher and disabled student may gain each others perspective enabling them to enhance their communication skills.  The list is endless with possibilities.

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, and Where We Want Go:

Our goal is to visit a minimum of one school, of any type, in each state. It is quite an undertaking and requires a lot of planning and assistance. We’re reaching out to the schools, but can use your help in referring us or helping to organize our visit.  Click here for a list of schools we have visited and would like to visit.

Get Involved

There is a lot of work that goes into running the 50 Schools / 50 States Program.  If you would like to help out, we can use help with the following…

  • Volunteers are key to the success of the program.  If you are located near one of the schools we are visiting or would like to go on tour with us, here are some types of volunteers we’re looking for:
    • Adaptive Athletes interested in speaking
    • Planners that can help plan School Visits
    • Small Crew to help run Exhibition Stations
    • Information Collector to gather questions and contact information from attendees.

    Volunteers should be comfortable working with all ages and abilities.  For more information, please send us an email to info@blindendeavors.org

  • The campaign is funded by Blind Endeavors Foundation to keep it free for the schools. If you would like to support the 50 Schools / 50 States Campaign, here are a few ways you can help:
    • Make a donation to the 50 Schools / 50 States fund to help cover the cost of travel, lodging and equipment.
    • Donate or loan us your prosthetic leg, arm or adaptive device.
    • Donate your extra gear that has anything to do with skiing, cycling, climbing or paddling.
    • Have your company sponsor a school visit.


If you would like more information, please send us an email or call (309) 808-2191.

If you’re ready for us to visit your school, you can fill out here proposal form here.


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