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Become a BEAST!

The Blind Endeavors Adventure Sports Team (BEAST) consists of a group of motivated adaptive athletes, guides and supporters that pursue adventurous endeavors.  The BEAST may go on to climb the 7 summits, kayak the Grand Canyon or Traverse the Saharan Desert.

One of the objectives is to research, develop and share techniques and equipment that make adaptive sports and recreation possible.

BEAST members are ambassadors to the foundation as well as the adaptive athletic & recreation community.

Blind Endeavors Foundation wants to help people move, explore and adventure!

Who is an adaptive athlete you might ask?

Blind Endeavors Foundation feels that anyone who finds a way to overcome physical or cognitive disabilities in their athletic or recreational pursuits could be considered an adaptive athlete.

If you are constantly trying to challenge your mind & body, we would love to speak to you!

Our goal is to learn how you find unconventional systems and techniques to better help you participate in your favorite sport.  Through some collaboration, we’ll help share what you know with the rest of the world using social media, podcasts and videos.  Imagine being a mentor or showing a child with a similar disability what they can do…being half a world away!

If you have some spare time, there are some questionnaires we developed related to the pursuit of adaptive athletics. Feel free to share what you know!

The search to better understand peoples strength, resilience and personal courage will truly never end. Please join us on our quest and endeavor, to spread awareness through adventure and exploration. Your involvement with our organization and programs will benefit others who are seeking ways to explore new ways to live and experience life.

Blind Endeavors Foundation shares the information we collect on the web, through film, audio and text. Other information might be delivered through physical interactions or by presentations at formal events.  The whole purpose of sharing information is to spread awareness, getting people to move, explore and adventure.

We are always excited to meet strong and motivated characters who do not mind sharing their personal story of overcoming adversity. If you would like to be placed on a list as a referral for informative, motivational or inspirational speaking,  let us know!